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H3X produces the most power dense electric motor IN THE WORLD!

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

We caught up with Jason Sylvestre, Co-Founder and CEO of H3X, at the Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo North America 2022. It is simply amazing to see the innovative electric propulsion systems H3X is producing, ranging from their HPDM30 motor (30kW), to their flagship HPDM250 (200kW continuous in an 18kg package), to their massive HPDM3000 (2.8MW). These motors pack an astounding 12kW/kg energy density, making them suitable for electric aircraft, as well as boats and land based vehicles and applications. Although other manufacturers claim to have products on the way that might come close in power density, as it stands, H3X produces the most energy dense electric propulsion systems in the world!

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