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Earth Day eRegatta

April 22, 2023 • The Earth Day eRegatta, hosted by Washington College in Chestertown, MD, is a unique event with something for everyone.  The race itself is but one element in celebration of Earth Day.  In addition to the exhibition and racing of electric boats on the Chester River, there will be vendors, food trucks, an electric car show, and more!

Earth Day eRegatta

The audience experience

Unlike some races, our course is easy to spectate from shore, and our race announcer will call the action as it unfolds!  Admission is free!

The race course

Our course starts in front of the Washington College boathouse with a 1/4 mile sprint that passes right in front of our spectator area, turns 90 degrees right into the center of the river, then 90 degrees right again into a 1-mile marked rectangular loop.  The competitors times are recorded as the 1/4 spring concludes, and they continue directly into 5 laps of the 5-mile course.  The beauty of our course is that is gives boats with a high top speed a chance to compete initially in the 1/4 sprint, but it also challenges racers to pace themselves at that point so they can complete a full five miles as quickly as possible.

Electric Boat Race Course
The Race Course
1/4 Mile Sprint

Starting line - between (0) and committee boat

(1) to starboard, (2) to starboard 

pass between (3) & (7) - 1/4 mile sprint concludes and continues into the 5-mile course.

5-mile endurance race

continuing from 1/4-mile sprint... (4) to port, (5) to port, (6) to port, (7) to port 

After completing 5 laps around (4), (5), (6), & (7),

race finishes between (7) & (2)

The Awards

Trophies will be awarded for the following:

  • 1st Place - 1/4 Mile Sprint

  • 2nd Place - 1/4 Mile Sprint

  • 3rd Place - 1/4 Mile Sprint

  • 1st Place - 5-Mile Endurance Sprint

  • 2nd Place - 5-Mile Endurance Sprint

  • 3rd Place - 5-Mile Endurance Sprint

PEP Racers

Collegiate competitors in the Promoting Electric Propulsion (PEP) electric boat race circuit will be happy to know the Earth Day eRegatta is an officially sanctioned regional race (sanctioned by the American Society of Naval Engineers).  We encourage PEP teams to compete in our race to gain valuable real-world performance data in preparation to compete in the main event, Promoting Electric Propulsion, later in June.  

• 11:00AM - Teams are on site to set up their boats.
• 12:45PM - Skipper meeting to review course, rules, and procedures.
• 1:00PM - Race starts!
• Awards to follow the return of the last boat.

Register your team

There's no fee to compete.  By registering, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop as more details unfold.  This does not obligate you to attend, but rather is a declaration of your team's intent to race.  As the race nears, we'll keep in touch to be sure you have all the latest information and to confirm your attendance.

Thanks for registering!


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