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Within the IDEAWORKS Maker’s Union, we strive to create an inclusive and educational environment for all faculty members and students who choose us for aid in their technical, professional, or other endeavors. This supportive outlook maintains itself for our Electric Boat Racing Team, as we want to educate everyone not only on the engineering capabilities and advancements of electric propulsion, but also on the importance of the reduced environmental impact that is associated with cleaner means of travel.

We believe in building a community of learning for all

Our Mission

Our Vision 

As a team, we are reaching for the goal of making electrical boating a thing of the present, rather than a thing of the future. We want people to be increasingly educated on what it means to travel sustainably and without waste. Starting from just a hull showed us what was possible when you let imagination and creativity take over, and we want to share this wonder with every generation that will take the time to hear our story.

Our short-term goals are to educate our local community on the importance of our work for the future of sustainable technology, and to enhance the technical capabilities of our members as they navigate the engineering side of curating a boat from scratch.


Our Leg Up 

We are driven and well-rounded students who are hoping to immerse ourselves in our community to drive change. On our team, we equip ourselves with the tools to teach the importance of environmentally-conscious travel. We do this in order to turn present-day scholars into future leaders by provoking ingenuity, refining collaboration skills, and encouraging both integrity and imagination.

The team dynamic that we all share is amazing and it allows everyone to feel included no matter what their role is within the team. Having a small team is central because everyone is always deliberating outside of our weekly meetings, which allows for more thought-out ideas and better planning overall pertaining to the goals we set for each meeting.

We Need Your Support Today!

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