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 Our goal is to create a boat centered around both power and efficiency. We work to maximize performance, create reliably safe structures, and troubleshoot problems. Our teamwork skills help ensure that our designs can be properly executed. Below are some of our current projects!

  • Assembling our new boat: Preparing the hull through sanding and re-varnishing, taking off old decals and applying new ones, ensuring that all current major components are structurally sound, ensuring that all new coming components fit into the structure via measurements prior to ordering new parts, replacing any ruined crucial combing parts (screws, etc).

  • Aid in the transfer of the gas motor into an electric motor: Taking apart the old motor in order to access what parts can be recycled or salvaged for future projects, testing the different capabilities of the remaining pieces of the motor, and ordering new parts for the design of the new electric motor.

Design & Assembly Team

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