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Trimaran update - 11/10/22

Last night our team met and had another productive weekly session, starting in the IDEAWORKS Innovation Center. After going around to hear from each group's status and to-do list for the night, we took a few minutes for a new recurring Tech&Terms discussion.

With the new trimaran hull plans to include building a battery with about 3x the capacity of our current monohull boat, we need to make decision about what cells to get. We talk about the tradeoffs between typical cells of various battery chemistries, where they might find their best application, and which might be the best options for us.

Next we moved over to the workshop to continue prepping our Boston Whaler Super Cat 17 hulls and the front half of a carbon fiber Vespoli 8+ rowing shell, which we'll be joining together into a trimaran configuration. By the end of the night we brought the parts together to see the potential with our own eyes, since to this point all the renderings were pencil sketches and 3D models. Before the night was out, we heard a few words from the team-members who have been working tirelessly disassembling & scrubbing, scraping & sanding, ratcheting & wrenching, writing & marketing, and giving their time to the local community through STEM outreach programs. I couldn't be more proud of this truly interdisciplinary, brilliant, dedicated, and articulate group of students who comprise our team!

Tonight's team: Seyed, Mia, Mac, Douglas, Cole, Ethan, Brian

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