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Thanksgiving Update

We're thankful for all the support and encouragement from our friends and family on this Thanksgiving Day! In particular, we have a group of dedicated and hardworking teammates to be thankful for. It's wonderful to come back each week for our group sessions and hear about all the individual and small group progress that has been made!

We're also thankful for our hull and outboard donors, our recent anonymous cash donor, and for our new corporate sponsor, Total Boat. We're doing our best to make the most of the funding, materials, and opportunities provided to us, and to best represent Washington College in this competitive national arena.

Over the past two weeks our team has continued to refine the trimaran hull design, design our modular 144v lithium battery, prepare our donor motor for electric motor integration, design our arched deck and integral cockpit, continued developing our marketing materials, and continued discussing funding and sponsorship opportunities with various individuals and organizations.

The future is bright and it's electric!

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